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Our Bush Fire Plan

Now that we are in to the hotter seasons of potential bush fires we need to be vigilant in how we respond/react to bush fire out there in the great outdoors. 

As a basic plan of attack, here are some suggested ways for event leaders to consider when preparing and preventing bush fires during fire season; 

Preventative measures

  • Please check on 'total fire bans' issued by DFES and any 'harvest and vehicle movement bans' issued by the many Click Here!;
    • We cannot enter any 4wd track on a 'total fire ban' that has not been sufficiently cleared and only the local shire or city can determine sufficient clearing of a 4wd track, 90% of all 4wd track are considered uncleared;
    • A harvest and vehicle ban means no motorised vehicle movement until the bans are lifted;
  • Best source of information to check on a TFB is on the DFES TFB mapping too - Click Here!;

Whilst out and about

  • Scan radio channels if in range for any fire warnings whilst in transit;
  • Whole convoy scan for fires within the intimidate area and if spotted, inform the convoy leader as soon as possible;
  • If glass in spotted on of near the 4wd track, please pickup and bin it into your spare wheel carrier rubbih bags and if you don't have one, find a mate that has one and place the rubbish in theirs;
  • Again and again, take everything you take out in to the bush... bring it ALL back out and leave ONLY Wally footprint. No excuses for leaving ya crap out there;
  • No open flames during these times please, not even a gas cooker;

Reactive measures

  •  Scan radio channels if in range for any fire warnings whilst in transit. 

To download the risk score calculator - Click here!